Puzzle 2 – Battleship [EXTRA]

Here’s a really fun Friday tricky puzzle, to finish off the first week of puzzles. This one is a battleship puzzle, with 1 4-size, 2 3-size, 3 2-size, and 4 1-size ships, with a 5×5 subgrid in which you should put 1 3-size ship, 2 2-size ships and 3 1-size ships. If you haven’t been doing the extra grid puzzles, you might want to start with #1, #2, or #4 which is an easy Monday puzzle i have planned.

Until then, here are two last thoughts I realized to think about over the weekend:

“Unfinished” and “Never ending” seem to bee synonyms, but one means goes on too long, and the other means stops too short.

“Fast food” is an oxymoron. Think about it until it makes sense.



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