Puzzle 3-Loop[EXTRA]

Here is a monday puzzle, although I might have made it too easy. This relates to the recent government shutdown….. sigh. America…. wat r u doin? Interestingly, this actually the 17th shutdown, which almost no one knows, they are advertising it on the news stations like it is the first and no one knows what is going to happen. Anyways, this puzzle is the American flag. I wanted to have the bright red and blue colors, but in case you print it out or the colors are some other issue, I made another version to fix that on the bottom. It is the same puzzle though.



2 thoughts on “Puzzle 3-Loop[EXTRA]

    1. There are 2 extra puzzles. The blue squares create a 3×3 grid, and the red squares form three-fourths of a 6×10 grid. Looking back at it, I do not think that it was too easy for a Monday puzzle, but I have gotten (at least somewhat) better at estimating difficulty levels since then.

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