Puzzle 4 – Fillomino [EXTRA]

Solve the following Tuesday Fillomino puzzle, such that each of the three extra puzzles, marked by E’s, all also form valid fillomino grids.

No givens 😛 no that is not a mistake

This week is a 5 different puzzle types all with the same variation, so have fun!

Also, I’m happy with how the sample fillomino turned out, I know its just an easy 5×5, but if you have an extra second, click the link above to go to it.



One thought on “Puzzle 4 – Fillomino [EXTRA]

  1. This (a clueless extra-grid puzzle) is a great idea, and the puzzle solves very nicely too 🙂
    I wonder if a 10 times 10 puzzle of this type is possible…
    By the way, has anyone made an extra-grid puzzle where the extra grid (or grids) is knight-move slanted?

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