Puzzle 30 – ???

And now, a break from your usual programming. My fillomino planned for today broke, so instead, here is a hunt style puzzle.

If you have never seen a puzzle hunt (like the upcoming MIT mystery hunt), then what this means is that there are no  instructions and you will arrive at an answer. For this puzzle, the answer will be an integer between 0 and 2^16.

You can check your answer on the password protected page (link above, next to about) and if correct, will receive more information about my mini-hunt I plan to run in March.

I know most people probably come here for logicy puzzles, so most of this puzzle is logic-puzzle style.

EDIT: If image looks grainy, click to open in another tab, if its still grainy, zoom in and out until it looks right.

EDIT2:  Okay, the page is being troublesome,  so it may or may not be password protected……



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