Puzzle 33.5: A cryptic interlude

I have not been home too recently, and haven’t been able to make the images for Puzzle 34 (I’m typing on my phone, so ignore spelling errors thanks)

In the menwhile, can you figure out the following cryptic clues?

They consist of

  • Double Definition
  • Homophone
  • Insertion
  • Anagrm
  • Bits & Pieces

If you have nver done a cryptic clue, you should probably google what they are (I’m having trouble hyperlinking, but wikipedia has a good page on it)

  • 1.) Incomparable puzzle maker (4)
  • 2.) I heard Tom is a puzzle maker (6) (Not Tom Collyer!)
  • 3.) Puzzle maker constructs more suffiecently (6)
  • Four: an inventor of puzzles (4)
  • 5.) Gifted puzzle maker (5)

Good luck 🙂


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