Puzzle 39 – Fillomino [Skyscrapers]

This is a Thursday fillomino puzzle, with a twist. If a building of height n is built on each square with number n, then numbers on the outside will represent how many buildings they can see looking directly into the grid.

At first, this puzzle had clues on the 8 outside locations, but when I realized I could have the numbers 1-6, remove excessive clues and remove the ambiguity all in one swift movement I couldn’t resist.

Unrelated to puzzles, I made a 2-dimensional poem: The following three by three grid of words can be read left to right, top to bottom, or top to bottom, left to right to create two different but related sentences. It is called Space and Time.

The       leaves       will

fall        but             march

still       springs     again.






2 thoughts on “Puzzle 39 – Fillomino [Skyscrapers]

  1. A clever puzzle, but it appears to have two solutions in the bottom right corner… (R8C7 can join above or join to the left?)

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