Puzzle 40 – Skywriting

Okay, the planned Friday puzzle I had for this theme has completely broken beyond repair, and I have given up on fixing it, so I’ll leave it as a challenge: Can you build a 6×6 Skyscraper skyscrapers? What this means is that clues on the side of the top could be given, for example, which would give the skyscraper number if each of the clues of a normal skyscraper represented a building.

Anyway, the puzzle for today is a hunt style puzzle, as promised. It is titled “Skyscraper Crossword” and I’ll make a password protected page so you can check your answer.



4 thoughts on “Puzzle 40 – Skywriting

  1. Wait, I don’t understand how Skyscraper Skyscrapers works.

    Example row: 24315

    From the left, you get a 3 for seeing three buildings: 3|24315

    Then you say you add another 3 on the left, pretending the newly added 3 is a building, like 33|24315 ?

    1. Oh sorry, I was unclear. You could put a number to the left of all five vertical seeing clues. So if the five clues on the top of the grid are 13245, then the number on the left of that would be a 4. (The left top number and top left number don’t have to be the same though, I made diagonal divisions like those found in kakuro.)

      1. Ah, that’s what it means. Because the spot you described collides with the spot seen from the side of the horizontal clues, and it’s a pain to make both numbers work, hence why I didn’t assume that. That is an interesting idea, but most of the Skyscrapers content is obtained by the Latin Squares part. Without that, any such “observer of observers” clue will be very weak (1 doesn’t even describe what the first square is!).

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