Puzzle 45 – Chimera

This Tuesday 42 x 42 Ultimate Chimera puzzle is a combination of these linked puzzle types. Each follows its own rules in conjunction with the others.

This puzzle’s break in and finish are so elegant that it is undoubtedly the most .perfect puzzle which I have ever made and probably ever will, so have fun!




4 thoughts on “Puzzle 45 – Chimera

  1. If only you wrote the URL correctly, I wouldn’t have suspected this to be an April Fools joke, but wonderful puzzle indeed. Probably the best puzzle I’ve ever tried, despite my dislike to large puzzles. In case anyone comes in looking for the solution, here is it.

      1. …good job, I’m fooled (even after noticing the date) while the me ten months ago wasn’t. That explains why my “solution” link above links to a broken image as well.

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