This is not a puzzle.

Maybe that’s misleading. There is actually a puzzle in this post, just not a logic puzzle. Puzzle 50 is taking a little longer to construct than expected, but I have a bunch of things to talk about, a subset of which might interest you.

If you’ve completed puzzle 49, you can highlight the following (contains spoilers, you might want to go to puzzle 49 now otherwise)

 I just couldn't resist. The correct answer is a square through the four center squares, making it a very square themed puzzle. It has been a tradition on Mellow Melon to make 50n-1 a troll puzzle and 50n a special puzzle. 

RGB  is a puzzle game which I created based off of Chaotic’s 12345 which you can have a try at until I finish puzzle 50.

So, because of peer pressure, now I have a twitter with non-zero amounts of tweets . You can follow me @Jack_L_Lance if you like.



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