Puzzles 53 and 54 – Dissection and Sudoku [EXACTLY ONE]


Well hello there internet.

Because of camp, I haven’t made puzzles in what feels like forever.

Before I start the next theme, here are two puzzles:

The first is my birthday puzzle. I am turning 17 today, so dissect the following 2 shapes (The ‘1’ and the ‘7’) below into 5 pieces that can be rearranged into a square. And, yes, you did count that total area right.


The second puzzle finishes off the previous week. It is a Friday exactly one sudoku, so only one cell can be determined with certainty. Find the cell and which number goes in it. WARNING: This puzzle is EXTRA-FRIDAY rated. That’s what happens when I have so long to make it, so it should keep you entertained for a while.

The next theme should resume on Sunday or Monday.




4 thoughts on “Puzzles 53 and 54 – Dissection and Sudoku [EXACTLY ONE]

      1. Oh okay, I read the text again and it says “dissect the pieces” only. So yes, the puzzle is unique up to the pieces, only that there are multiple arrangements.

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