Puzzle 56 – Tapa [META]

Alright, I’m finished playing with formatting. I really liked the old theme I had, but it kept randomly deleting posts and messing up my formatting…

This is a Tuesday tapa puzzle. This is different from a metatapa you might have seen if you took the USPC this year. Instead of oddly shaped grids, the grids are regular. The positions of all the clues are given to you, but there is only one way to set each all of the clues to make a unique tapa puzzle. If you are still confused, see the example below:

In the example and the first puzzle, it could be possible to just check each of the 5 and 115 possibilities respectively, but the last puzzle has way too many to check (12167) without using logic. I included these two puzzles because the first might give insight on solving the second. If you want a challenge a bunch harder than Tuesday level,  start with the bottom one.






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