Puzzle 57 – Nurikabe [META]

This is a Thursday nurikabe puzzle, with the clue removed. You must figure out what clue can be placed in which cell in the grid to make a uniquely solvable nurikabe puzzle.

Why Thursday? The two tapas count as Tuesday and Wednesday level (but mostly because the Wednesday level slitherlink I was planning on broke)

EDIT: A 38 clue doesn’t count. There must be at least one black cell in the solution.


Wow, the entirety of this week came out harder than intended.


3 thoughts on “Puzzle 57 – Nurikabe [META]

    1. It does also include placement of the clue. I do not see how it trivially has multiple solutions. (Note that a 38 clue does not count as a nurikabe, there must be at least a black square)

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