Puzzle 58 – Metas

Although this is supposed to be a Friday puzzle, many people are not familiar with the idea of metapuzzles. If you are, feel free to skip to the bottom block of text.

As many of you know I like hunt-style puzzles (examples from me, Thomas Snyder, and Grant Fikes) in which instructions are not given, and the puzzle leads to a one word answer.

Often in puzzles like these, there are puzzles called “metapuzzles”. These are puzzles that take a lot of answers, and has a new one word answer.

Here is an example:

  • Mammal
  • Voodoo
  • Daddy
  • Eerie

One would be given these words and need to find an answer. So first, you might notice that each of these words has some letter way more than usual. For example, “Voodoo” has 4 ‘o’s in a 6 letter word! This seems significant. Taking the letters that appear the most in each word gives M-O-D-E, and since the mode is the most common element of a set, this is a suitable answer.

If you solve each meta, you can choose some puzzle type or variation you’d like to see me make on this blog. To start, enter the word “mode” with no caps under the page “Meta 1” under “Menu” in the top right corner.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 58 – Metas

  1. I’m up to the last puzzle (Meta 5) and I KNOW something is there but I just couldn’t find out what exactly. Those 4 words seem very familiar to me somehow.
    Are we going to get answers eventually?

    1. I was planning on posting answers when I received the first solve on Meta 5.
      Judging on views, it seems like most people reached 3, 4, or 5, but no one has solved 5.

      I added another hint on the page for it.

      Whether anyone solves it or not, I will post one answer for each puzzle of next week (Monday – Friday)

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