Puzzle 60 – Fillomino [Mastermind]

This is a Tuesday fillomino puzzle. In addition to solving the fillomino, you also have to find my secret code, like in a game of mastermind. My code consists of 7 (not necessarily distinct) integers from 1 to 49 inclusive. In some rows, a clue to my code is given. For that row, a red dot is given if a correct number is in the correct position, and a white dot is given if the correct number is in the wrong position.* The order of the dots is irrelevant, so does not correspond with the positions of the numbers. 

For last weeks metas, In the second meta, you might have noticed that there is a double letter in each clue, but taking that leads to “BUDEOL” which is nonsense. The intro text clues to finding some sort of ordering, and so you could have been lazy an just anagrammed the letters to get a suitable answer, or actually try to find the ordering. Each of the six answers starts with a different letter from A-F and putting those letters in order and taking the doubled letters gives the answer, “DOUBLE”, referring to the two steps, and the doubled letters.

Wow, I’m surprised at how nicely this puzzle turned out.



* If there are duplicate colours in the guess, they cannot all be awarded a key peg unless they correspond to the same number of duplicate colours in the hidden code. For example, if the hidden code is white-white-black-black and the player guesses white-white-white-black, the codemaker will award two colored key pegs for the two correct whites, nothing for the third white as there is not a third white in the code, and a colored key peg for the black.


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