Puzzle 61 – Tapa [Mastermind]

These are two Wednesday tapa puzzles. In between the puzzles there are mastermind clues. This means that they add up to the amount of corresponding cells in the two puzzles are either both shaded or both not shaded. In particular for this puzzle, an ‘8’ means that those rows are identical in the two puzzles, and a ‘0’ means that those two rows are inverses of each other.


In last week’s third meta, at first you might have thought there was a typo, as “carries” is a common word, but “caries” is much less commonly known. Normally, if you find something odd in a meta, you’re usually on a good track. In fact, each of the words can have one letter added without changing the pronunciation. Taking the extra letters, “wHine”, “browsE”, “caRies”, “aDd”, which leads to the word “HERD”, however this isn’t correct. Applying this process once more, gives the thematic answer “HEARD”.


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