Puzzle 62 – Pentominous [Mastermind]

Ugh.. being sick is no fun.

I have two very fun puzzles to finish the theme which I started what feels like forever ago.

The first is this Thursday mastermind pentominous puzzle. Solve this like two normal pentominous puzzles (see link for rules and example), but the numbers in the middle tell how many corresponding grid cells in that row of the two grids have the same letter . For example, if one row on one side held “XXYZZ” and the other held “WXXYZ”, the clue in the middle would say 2, for the ‘X’ in the 2nd spot, and the ‘Z’ in the 5th spot.

If you are wondering what the letters are, it initially had said “WITTY” on the right, and “PUZZL” on the left, but I had to sacrifice that for more logic of the puzzle. Other phrases which I really thought fit this puzzle were “FILL // IT UP”, “FIFTY // FIFTY”, or “TWIN // FILL”

EDIT: Corrected file to allow for paintfilling


Also, some of you might still be waiting on the answer to last theme’s metas

Here is the solution to meta 4.

Each of the words is in some common ordered sequence, and always appears in the same position in that sequence. For example, Wednesday is always the third day, and April is always the fourth month. Each of these are a different number from one to eight, and putting them in order, and then taking the nth letter of the nth item, gives the suitable answer:

  • Old testament (sections of the bible)
  • oRange (colors of the rainbow)
  • weDnesday (days of the week)
  • aprIl (months of the year)
  • boroN (elements of the periodic table)
  • subtrAction (order of operations)
  • permia(geologic periods of the earth)
  • cruel anD unusual punishment (amendments to the constitution)

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