Puzzle 66 – Golem grad

This is a Wednesday golem grad puzzle.

Here are the rules of golem grad, from the creator, Serkan Yürekli:

” Shade some empty cells black so that the grid is divided into white areas, each containing at most one number. A white area with a number must have the same area in cells as that number. White areas may only touch diagonally. All shaded cells must be connected with each other, but no 2×2 group of cells can be entirely shaded. Also, all shaded cells must be divisible into snakes with the heads and tails given in the grid. Snakes cannot cross each other. Also, see this example:”

Golem Grad by Serkan Yürekli




3 thoughts on “Puzzle 66 – Golem grad

  1. Great puzzle, thank you. I went through “this looks cute but boring”, “oh, interesting”, “this can’t be solvable” and “great, too bad it’s not unique”.

      1. No, it’s perfect. Sorry to have confused you, those were the intermediate steps. I’d missed the “all shaded cells must be connected” rule as usual.

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