Puzzle 73 – Yajilin [unique clues]

This is a Tuesday yajilin puzzle. To solve it, first you must place apositive integer to the left of each cross and mark one of the four directions of the cross so that no two clues are the same. (e.g. You may have a “1←” clue and a “1↑” clue, but you may not have two “1↑” clues). Then solve the resulting yajilin.

This puzzle may be easier than yesterday’s, but I felt that I should start with a tapa, which has had this variation before. Yajilin is somewhat different than Tapa however, in the sense that even when the solution is known, there are still multiple possibilities for a clue in a given position. Therefore, I will set the standard that only the solution to the Yajilin must be uniquely defined, not necessarily the clues themselves.

Again, it’s worth reiterating that 0 is not a positive integer.



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