Puzzle 74 – Tapa [unique clues]

This is a Monday tapa puzzle, however, some of the numbers have been omitted and replaced by question marks. Every question mark must be replaced by a positive integer (which consist of the set {1,2,3…}, but not 0), such that every possible clue appears at most once in the grid. So for example, there cannot be two “1 3″ clues.

This puzzle has got some really nice symmetry, and interesting logic too. I really like how it worked out. I have one last unique clues tapa coming on Friday, too.untitled
Lastly P.I.HUNT 1 is in 24 days. Last year, from P.I.HUNT 0, the beta test, I learned that I have to make puzzles quite a bit easier, as people familiar with logic puzzles do not necessarily do hunt-style puzzles. So this year, half of the puzzles will be introductory, for people who haven’t seen hunt-style puzzles before, and half of them will be more difficult, so that you can play along no matter your prior skill level.


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