Puzzle 76 – Tapa [unique clues]

This is a Friday tapa puzzle, however, some of the clues have been omitted and replaced by asterisks. Every asterisk must be replaced by a positive integer (which consist of the set {1,2,3…}, but not 0) of positive integers, such that every possible clue appears at most once in the grid. So for example, there cannot be two “1 3″ clues. I didn’t want to actually put asterisks in all the squares though, in case you want to write notes in that square, so I made two versions as a solution to this. Both are the same puzzle, just different presentations.

What? 5 consecutive puzzles actually posted on the correct days without any broken puzzles? It’s been a while since the last time that happened. I guess it’s because I just like this variation a lot.



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