Note: It isn’t Pi Day anymore, but none of these puzzles are time specific, so feel free to solve these puzzles and send me your answers.

Welcome to P.I.HUNT!

If you live in Belize, Canada, Kenya, The Philippines, or The United States, then the day I’m posting this is written as 3/14/15, which has a whole 5 digits of π! This is, as Vi Hart puts it, “much closer to infinity then the usual 3.”

I know that many people that visit my site have differing levels of experience with puzzle-hunty puzzles, so I made two rounds of puzzles. There are 8 puzzles in the first round, called “player” puzzles (the reason for which will be revealed later) which are below. These are on the easier side, and also come with 8 supplemental paragraphs of puzzle hunting advice, one for each puzzle.  After finding the answer to any puzzle, E-mail it to me at jack[dot]l[dot]lance[at]gmail[dot]com to unlock puzzles.

In addition, If you find some erratum, or just want a hint, you can also E-mail me for that.

Here are the supplements which correspond to the puzzles, but not necessarily in the same order, and here are the eight player puzzles:

Duck and Cover


Weird-Looking Creatures

Identity Matrix

Time Codes


Out of the Ordinary

Index Cards


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