Puzzle 84 – LITS [HEXAGONAL]

This is a Wednesday* LITS puzzle. Well, actually, it is a LIA puzzle. Instead of shading a tetromino, L,I,T or S, shade a tetriamond, L,I, or A, shown below. Also, instead of the rule prohibiting forming a shaded square with 4 cells, now you are not allowed to create a shaded hexagon with 6 cells.

*The puzzles in this week are arranged not really by difficulty, but by polyiamond size, ranging from diamonds to hexiamonds.




One thought on “Puzzle 84 – LITS [HEXAGONAL]

  1. Great, thank you. It took me quite a while to make it through the top left.

    The no-full-hexomino rule seems a bit weak, I’m not even sure I had to use it. But going to <=4/6 wouldn't have worked either…

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