Puzzle 94 – Word puzzle

This is a Wednesday word puzzle. Write one of “DO”, “RE”, “MI”, “FA”, “SO”, “LA”, or “TI” into each domino reading left to right or top to bottom to spell distinct words in each consecutive line of blocks of size 2 or more. When done, to prove that you solved it, anagram the letters in the circled squares and send it to jack [dot] l [dot] lance [at] gmail [dot] com

Most of these words are common English words. For fairness, I highlighted the 6 that are not, and they are in some order: A contraction, a common brand name, a first name, another first name, a stage name, and a rather uncommon English word.

I don’t usually make word puzzles, but this was an idea I had been toying around for for a while, and it fit this domino-themed week pretty well, in addition to people potentially feeling a lack of Wednesday word-related puzzles today for some reason. Considering my lack of experience with crosswords, and the constraints of this puzzle, I was really happy with how the letter-density in some areas turned out.



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