Puzzle 96 – Sierpinski fillomino

I graduated high school today :). Anyways, here’s a very difficult fillomino puzzle.

Wait a second! Fractional clues? Fractal grids? What is this?!? Before you start, there a few things to note:

  • This is a 9×9 puzzle with an exact copy of itself inserted into the center 3×3 and 8 other 1×1 squares (based off of a Sierpinski Carpet of order 2). You must fill each grid in the same way, meaning corresponding cells must get the same numbers in them.
  • Normal fillominos don’t have differently sized cells. To handle this, areas are calculated in relation to the largest square in that region. For example, if a region had a square of area 1/9 and one of area 1/81, you would fill them both with 10/9, (achieved by taking the sum over the largest one).
  • You can ignore the coloring, it is just to make it easier to see where the 4 clued cells are in the grids which are too small to write numbers.


After finding a solution, send me a picture, or the contents of the 1st and 7th rows (using the units digit of the numerator for a multi-digit or fractional number).


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