Puzzle 100 – Tapa

This is a tapa puzzle. Except, well… where is the puzzle?


If you are confused, start from puzzle 99.

Once you are done, congratulations! Great job!

I wanted to do something cool for my 100th puzzle, and I’m very happy with how this worked out. (I was thinking of doing a “jigsaw” puzzle to create the hitori, but decided against it.) Even so, I am very surprised with how many puzzles I could put into the one grid without adding new information each time. I probably take a break from constructing for a bit and leave this puzzle up for a while, so people will see it. If you enjoyed it, tell other puzzle-lovers about it and/or leave a comment. 😀


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 100 – Tapa

  1. I made it here, but I wonder if I’m done? Puzzle 100 can’t be just the Tapa for the Meta-Tapa of 97, can it?

    (I chose the solution to 102 that gave me a chance on 98 — may well have missed something there.)

    Thanks a lot, it’s a great idea, also I really like how the later puzzles still turn out interesting. I hadn’t seen the two-colour star battle before, this instance at least makes it seem like the type has potential.

    1. Yes, it is just that tapa. Not hard at all, but since each puzzle started from the previous one’s solution, and the last puzzle I used was a meta-tapa, I figured I had to include the tapa too.

      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I’ve been on vacation for the past 9 days, so I only just saw this now.

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