Puzzle 103 – Dissection

Do you remember that post I made exactly one year ago? If not, you should probably check it out first. Well, I turn 18 today.

Use 6 line segments to divide the following into some amount of pieces so that it is possible rearrange those pieces into a 3×6 rectangle. You may not reflect the pieces, but you can rotate them. There are three images below, but they all show the same puzzle. The first plainly shows the “18”, the second has grid-lines drawn in (so you can see exactly what the shape is), and the third is blown up (for convenience). The shapes are made up of straight lines and quarter arcs with radius 1/2 of a unit.


With dissection puzzles, it is hard to solve logically, so I think my solution is unique, but I can’t be too sure. If you give up, or want to check your answer against mine, click the following link: SPOILER WARNING. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE ANSWER YET.


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