Puzzle 109 – Tapa

This is a Monday tapa puzzle. The ordering in clues is just for aesthetic purposes, so for example, treat a “3 1” clue the same as a “1 3” clue.

Yes. I know. It’s very easy, but it worked out very nicely and symmetrically and I thought it was cute.

So, things I have been doing during this interim:

I finished making mathgrant’s Battle of LITS for Board Game Arena, to be released in the middle of December. I’m very excited about this, because this was a project that I didn’t entirely expect to be able to complete, and I’ve never done any big project that will be publicly available to so many people like this before.

I also learned Unity, and started to make a copy of my Puzzlescript game, Snakeoban in it. (Although it was very good for learning how to use Unity, I doubt I’ll continue with this. It seems more interesting to use it to make a game which isn’t already playable online!)

I’ve also started college! This is obviously making me quite busy in addition to everything else, and also tends to take first priority. However, I at the minimum still have a full week of five themed puzzles for this week.

You can likely figure out what the last main thing I’ve been working on is by this week’s puzzles’ theme! (Well, if you’ve been following my site for long enough, that is.)


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