P.I. Hunt 2

Note: While these puzzles were originally published on Pi Day, there’s nothing time specific, so feel free to solve and submit puzzles at any time.

As long as you don’t swear by using tau, a controversy which some people seem to constantly get irrationally angry about, then happy pi day! If you’ve finished eating some celebratory pie while watching Life of Pi (played with a Raspberry Pi, of course) to better pi-bond with your friends, that means it must be time for the second installment of P.I. Hunt!

Last year dealt with determining the players for a made-up game, but this year, you get to jump into the action and be the player for a made-up game! You begin as an adventurer in the enchanted woods. You will have to solve puzzles to help you find items, and defeat any obstacles in the way of your adventure. The initial map of the woods you can explore is shown here:

The “S” is your starting cell. To the west, there is an edge of the forest.

To the north, There is a large expanse of desert, and a sign of parched parchment which dryly tells you that it’s far too far and arid for you to cross.

To the east, there is an ice demon. He looks at a list, and says something about his literally cool club being “over capacity” although you swear you just saw him let two snowwomen through.

To the south, there is a sea with a boat blocking the path preventing you from swimming past. It has white paint on it that reads “UNSINKABLE WIZARD SAILBOAT”.

When you have solved a puzzle, you can submit your answer by sending it to me at jack.l.lance@gmail.com. You should also contact me like this if you find any errata, or just want to make a remark or ask for help. You will only be able to unlock new puzzles, so submit answers whenever you solve a puzzle. (If you cannot solve any puzzle and have not seen P.I.HUNT 1, you may want to start with it, as it had an easier initial round for people with less experience to puzzles.)

Leveling Up

Artificial Intelligence


Power Ups

Concept Art


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