It’s Pi Day again, and what a nice looking pi date it is. 3/14/20 has every digit from 0 to 4 exactly once, meaning it can represent a permutation. If only there was a nice Greek letter that we could use to denote a permutation. 🙂

It feels like a good time to be running a completely not-in-person online-only event. If other events you were planning to go to have cancelled, or you are planning to being inside for a while, hopefully this hunt can provide some amusement.

That being said, this year’s P.I.HUNT is not going to be as big as the last few years. (P.S. This isn’t a bluff where there’s secretly a second round of puzzles after you get through the first set. I did legitimately make less puzzles this year.) After last year, many people sent me advice (which also just so happened to be the final meta answer) about what to do if I’ve been working too much with not enough play, so this year I decided to scope down & not work too hard. I was hoping to make 6 puzzles for P.I.6, but I guess I took it too easy, and only managed to finish 5. Hopefully this won’t affect things too much and you’ll still be able to figure out most of the meta without the 6th puzzle.

If you did 2019’s MIT Mystery Hunt, you’ll remember it was about combining various pairs of holidays. There was even a Pi Day Town! If it were up to me, Pi Day Town would have been in the center and connected to everything else, so I decided to take things into my own hands and do a Halloween/Pi Day mash up this year. The puzzles are themed around various fears, and once you solve the puzzles, you’ll be able to determine “What is my biggest fear?” (You won’t need any additional info for the meta. You can contact me to confirm answers if you want (jack dot l dot lance at gmail dot com) but there’s nothing to unlock.)

So, that’s probably enough introduction. Here’s PUMPKIN PI HUNT:


The news

The Ring




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