2 thoughts on “Logic puzzles!

  1. We are *so* lost. Is it against the spirit of the puzzles to ask: qbrf gur ybbc tb guebhtu gur juvgr fdhnerf yvxr znflh, be nebhaq gurz yvxr sraprf? (I can’t tell if that’s “something you’re supposed to figure out” or “something that ought to have been obvious from the intro”. And I was able to write simple, unique-solution constraints for the first set either way.)

  2. This was an extraordinarily fulfilling set! I was pointed to this about a week ago and it’s absorbed most of my waking hours during the past week. It was very satisfying to complete the set.

    I won’t say more about it here in public, but I’d be happy to share some more detailed comments via email if you’re interested, (just email me if so).

    Thanks for all the fun, (and the maddening frustration, followed by enlightenment)!


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