Puzzle 142 – Corral [In/Out]

This is a Friday corral puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to be inside or outside the loop. Note that cells outside the loop only see cells outside the loop, until blocked by the loop or the edge of the grid.

In case you didn’t like Wednesday’s In/Out which only contained the digit 2, I made this one so that 2’s the only digit that doesn’t appear!


Puzzle 129 – Crossword [Knapp Daneben]

Fill in the following crossword, such that each box has a letter filled in it by its across clue which is either directly after or before the letter filled in it by its down clue in the alphabet. Note that A is considered to “wrap around” to Z. I’ve given the grid twice, for convenience.

Now I know that I already said that I wanted to push the boundaries of Knapp Daneben, but I really doubt anyone expected a crossword as even a possibility to appear in this theme! I’m not generally a great crossword constructor, but I’d think it would be interesting to see other crosswords with the Extra Grid or Toroidal variations, for example. (Maybe even Exactly One Letter somehow?!)



1.) One who does jack

6.) Church songs

7.) Chose

8.) Without fallacy

9.) Babble on


1.) “_____ be square” (2 wds.)

2.) The parts of DNA which get converted into proteins

3.) Someone clumsy

4.) Extinct birds

5.) Mount for a lancer

Puzzle 118 – Maysu

This is a Friday maysu puzzle. Here are the rules for maysu:

Draw a loop consisting solely of line segments connecting the centers of grid cells, which cannot touch or cross itself, and may not go inside any cell more than once. It must pass through the center of every cell containing a circle. It must turn 90 degrees in cells with a black circle, and go at least two units in both directions from it. It must not turn in cells with a white circle, and must go less than two units in at least one of the two directions from it.

Puzzle 108 – Skyscrapers [Cipher]

This is a Friday skyscrapers puzzle, however, the numbers {1,2,3,4,5,6,7} have been replaced with the letters {K,N,I,G,H,T,S}, in some order. No two letters can represent the same number, and each letter represents the same number in everywhere that it appears.

The text, reading “THIS IS INSIGHT ISN’T IT” refers to a “vision” themed test of puzzles (which would’ve been called “InSight”) I had been once planning on making, but decided against it. The puzzles from this week were all vision themed puzzles that I had made for it.

Puzzle 86 – Statue park [HEXAGONAL]

This is a Friday* statue park puzzle using the full set of 12 hexiamonds shown below. Yay perfect antisymmetry!

If you are wondering, there are 24 heptiamonds, which is just less than 26. Here is one person’s attempt at lettering them.

*The puzzles in this week are arranged not really by difficulty, but by polyiamond size, ranging from diamonds to hexiamonds.


Puzzle 81 – Hitori

Note: P.I.HUNT will be posted here tomorrow, at noon EST, which is 4:00 UTC.

This is a Friday hitori that has two solutions. Can you find both of them?

I could have done something to make the solution unique, but I preferred keeping the aesthetic theme in tact.