Puzzle 145 – Stostone

This is a Wednesday stostone puzzle


Puzzle 140 – Corral [In/Out]

This is a Wednesday corral puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to be inside or outside the loop. Note that for cells outside the loop only see cells outside the loop, until blocked by the loop or the edge of the grid.


Puzzle 132 – Sashigane

This is a Wednesday sashigane puzzle.

I don’t usually have non-rectangular grids, but the 4-way rotational clue symmetry, numerical anti-symmetry (opposite numbers add to 13), and grouping together of same numbers way more than make up for it to me.

Puzzle 121 – Slitherlink

This is a Wednesday slitherlink.

Sorry for the formatting. I’m still using a spreadsheet to make the images for these puzzles while I’m not at home, but that doesn’t work great for slitherlink, which usually has the dots at each vertex. Hopefully the puzzle itself makes up for it though, I think it’s pretty interesting.

Completely unrelatedly, here’s a haiku I made recently:

Resume the evening

Evening the resume

Resume the evening



Puzzle 116 – Masyu/Balance Loop

In this Wednesday hybrid, each circle must act as it does in a masyu puzzle, or as it does in a balance loop (taken from GMPuzzles. somehow there is no rules page anywhere for this type?), or both.

Masyu and Tapa are my two most commonly made puzzles, although I only have 1 variationless masyu and 1 variationless tapa. I should make a variationless week next, as a change of pace for me.

Puzzle 111 – Sudoku

Here is a Wednesday sudoku puzzle.

This puzzle is nearly perfectly symmetrical in layout, and the digits are again consecutive digits of pi (starting from the beginning of course, otherwise you could say every sudoku’s givens are consecutive digits of pi!)

Puzzle 106 – Battleships [Shapes]

This is a Wednesday battleships puzzle, except with a different fleet. Instead of the usual fleet, place the 7 chiral tetrominoes. If you haven’t heard of this term, it means the 7 pieces you might find in a game of tetris, each consisting of 4 squares, that look approximately like the letters L,J,S,Z,O,I and T. You can rotate the pieces, but not reflect them.

As I said earlier this week, making the images is annoying with this laptop, so I’m just taking screenshots of the spreadsheets. This looked fine for the akaris, but not quite as good for the remaining puzzles. Hopefully the quality of this week’s puzzles makes up for it. 🙂

Puzzle 94 – Word puzzle

This is a Wednesday word puzzle. Write one of “DO”, “RE”, “MI”, “FA”, “SO”, “LA”, or “TI” into each domino reading left to right or top to bottom to spell distinct words in each consecutive line of blocks of size 2 or more. When done, to prove that you solved it, anagram the letters in the circled squares and send it to jack [dot] l [dot] lance [at] gmail [dot] com

Most of these words are common English words. For fairness, I highlighted the 6 that are not, and they are in some order: A contraction, a common brand name, a first name, another first name, a stage name, and a rather uncommon English word.

I don’t usually make word puzzles, but this was an idea I had been toying around for for a while, and it fit this domino-themed week pretty well, in addition to people potentially feeling a lack of Wednesday word-related puzzles today for some reason. Considering my lack of experience with crosswords, and the constraints of this puzzle, I was really happy with how the letter-density in some areas turned out.