Puzzle 25 – International Borders

This is a Friday international borders  puzzle.

Wow, no variations all week, that’s a little unusual for me.

This is the largest puzzle so far, because I generally like more “bitesize” puzzles. 8×8 and 9×9 are probably my preferred grid sizes. Its still very possible to make a toughie without too much gridspace or clues, (see this one of mine) and I always get bored when doing a marathon puzzle.

Well, this one is a pretty good toughie, so good luck.



Puzzle 24 – Double Back

This is a Thursday double back puzzle. The black square in the center should not be traveled through.

Yeah, as you probably know, it is impossible to make a odd by odd loop puzzle without any black squares (by checkerboard). If only I had remembered this before getting most of the way through my first draft -_-.

So pumped for the mystery hunt! Only a month to go! And USACO happening this weekend! whoo, so much excitement.



Puzzle 23 – Right Face

This is a Wednesday right face puzzle. If you haven’t heard of right face before, maybe you should check some out over here first.

Both the puzzles from yesterday and the day before were really similar, so it might be hard to figure out the theme yet. So unlike last week i’ll post the theme rot13 so you can check if you think you have it: Nyy chmmyr glcrf znqr ol cnyzre zronar.


This is the first right face that I’ve ever made. I really like the idea of putting a robot (or possibly cellular automata?)  that the solver must work around.


Puzzle 22 – Double back

This is a Tuesday double back puzzle.

For if you haven’t gotten enough of puzzles in which going through every region exactly twice are required from yesterday!

If you have a craving for a difficult double back, which is rarely seen, you will still have to wait two more days until my Thursday puzzle. You can treat this as a warm up until then.

EDIT: whoops, forgot to add the puzzle to the post -_-


Puzzle 21 – Remembered Length

This is a Monday remembered length puzzle. The two images are the same puzzle, you can choose which one you like and ignore the other.

Hey, did the wordpress favicon just, disappear, for anyone else? Weird.

So which of the two styles do you like more? I think the one on the left is easier to make and maybe looks a little nicer, but the one on the right is more classic and probably more printer friendly, so thoughts?

This should be a very quick one for anyone who has done a remembered length before (and probably even if you haven’t…) but I haven’t seen this theme for remembered length used before. It probably will remind you of the type of puzzle that I’m going to post tomorrow!


Rätsel 14 – Haus-Baum-Tier

Why the sudden switch to German you ask? well, today’s puzzle is my submission to Crocopuzzle’s puzzle design competition.

It is a Thursday puzzle, here are the rules: Put n A’s, B’s and C’s in the grid, so that the letters come in triples with the A adjacent to the B and the B adjacent to the C. The X means that no letter can be put into that cell. The numbers on the outside tell you how many of that letter go in that row or column.

If you didn’t understand the rules, just comment, I didn’t want to do a separate rules page because I probably will never do this type again.



Puzzle 11 – LITS

This is a Thursday LITS puzzle, although not one which I can take credit for. My friend gave me this puzzle, and I thought it would fit nicely into the theme of this week.

I really like it because it gets harder and harder as you go from quadrant from quadrant.



Puzzle 10 – Star battle

This is a Wednesday star battle puzzle.

I saw the phrase “Natalie Portmanteau” around the internet and can’t get over it. 😀 So funny to me for some reason.


Have fun with this puzzle, unless you don’t find a break in, in that case have a torturous time………..