Puzzle 105 – Akari

This is a Tuesday akari puzzle.

Here is the best cryptic clue I have seen in a long time, with credit going to Tyler Hinman:

“Big tech company with redesigned logo! (6)”


Puzzle 104 – Akari

This is a Monday akari (AKA light up) puzzle.

Hello world! I was not expecting to post a full themed week of 5 puzzles for a while, considering both that I just started college, and also that I’m trying to write P.I.Hunt 2 puzzles at the same time. However, I found this unposted set of 5 in my reserve.  The computer I usually use to make the images for puzzles it at my house, so I just took screenshots of spreadsheets, but it still looks pretty good I think.

Puzzle 52 – Akari [exactly one]

This is an Wednesday Akari puzzle, except that it is only possible to logically locate one lightbulb in the grid.

I think its fun to see the limits of these exactly one puzzles, and even though Monday’s puzzle was simple, it has become one of the favorite puzzles I made.

Hopefully 150 is good enough to make top 25 on USPC, I think I did pretty well except breaking the geometric distribution like 10 times and a darn mistype on the digital clutter.



Puzzle 43 – Akari [Toroidal]

This is a Wednesday akari (or light up) puzzle, with a twist. It is in the shape of a torus, by connecting the inside 6×6 edge, with the outside 12×12 edge (see picture). A lightbulb takes up an entire square and sends an infinite light stream in all four directions, unless blocked by a shaded square,and any cell with light in it counts as fully illuminated.

NOTE: because the version here is a 2-d version of a torus, it might look light could go past the center, but remember that it isn’t true.