Puzzle 127 – Double back [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Wednesday double back, except that, instead of visiting every room exactly twice, you must visit each room exactly once or exactly thrice.


Puzzle 114 – Decuple Back

This is a Monday decuple back, which is exactly the same as a double back, except that you go into each region exactly ten times.

I’ve seen double backs, and a few triple backs, and just thought this was natural (although I don’t think that the “decuple back” type has much potential, but I’d love to see if someone makes a harder n-back.)  Also, “decuple” really does not look or sound like a word to me.


Puzzle 24 – Double Back

This is a Thursday double back puzzle. The black square in the center should not be traveled through.

Yeah, as you probably know, it is impossible to make a odd by odd loop puzzle without any black squares (by checkerboard). If only I had remembered this before getting most of the way through my first draft -_-.

So pumped for the mystery hunt! Only a month to go! And USACO happening this weekend! whoo, so much excitement.



Puzzle 22 – Double back

This is a Tuesday double back puzzle.

For if you haven’t gotten enough of puzzles in which going through every region exactly twice are required from yesterday!

If you have a craving for a difficult double back, which is rarely seen, you will still have to wait two more days until my Thursday puzzle. You can treat this as a warm up until then.

EDIT: whoops, forgot to add the puzzle to the post -_-