Puzzle 122 – Fillomino

Here is a Thursday fillomino puzzle.

Considering how much I like fillominos, I couldn’t believe this was the first variationless one I’ve posted here, besides the one on the rules page.


Puzzle 96 – Sierpinski fillomino

I graduated high school today :). Anyways, here’s a very difficult fillomino puzzle.

Wait a second! Fractional clues? Fractal grids? What is this?!? Before you start, there a few things to note:

  • This is a 9×9 puzzle with an exact copy of itself inserted into the center 3×3 and 8 other 1×1 squares (based off of a Sierpinski Carpet of order 2). You must fill each grid in the same way, meaning corresponding cells must get the same numbers in them.
  • Normal fillominos don’t have differently sized cells. To handle this, areas are calculated in relation to the largest square in that region. For example, if a region had a square of area 1/9 and one of area 1/81, you would fill them both with 10/9, (achieved by taking the sum over the largest one).
  • You can ignore the coloring, it is just to make it easier to see where the 4 clued cells are in the grids which are too small to write numbers.


After finding a solution, send me a picture, or the contents of the 1st and 7th rows (using the units digit of the numerator for a multi-digit or fractional number).

Puzzle 63 – Sudoku/Fillomino [Mastermind]

This is a Friday puzzle. On the left, there is an irregular sudoku with numbers 1 through 8. On the right, there is a fillomino puzzle. Note that the two solid bars in the fillomino represent borders of some polyomino, in other words, they may not have the same number on both sides. The numbers in the middle represent how many places in that row would contain the same number if the two puzzles were overlayed. For example,  if the sudoku contained “12345678”, and the fillomino contained “12288771” the number in the middle would be a 3, 1 for the ‘1’ in column 1, one for the ‘2’ in column 2 and one for the ‘7’ in column 7.



Now for the solution last meta of last week’s theme. One person noticed that “Metaphor” has the sound of the number 4 at the end, “Tutorial” has the sound of the number 2, and “Don juan” has the sound of the number 1. They were looking to find a 3 in the word “Atypical” and got stuck there.

The trick is that the numbers in question were not 1,2,3,4 but instead 1,2,4,8 which checks out as the sound of 8 appears at the start of “Atypical” which gives us the ordering. Also, each word has exactly 8 characters, so it is natural to index these numbers into the words, giving:

  • Don Juan
  • tUtorial
  • metAphor
  • atypicaL

DUAL which is thematic for the powers of two.



Puzzle 39 – Fillomino [Skyscrapers]

This is a Thursday fillomino puzzle, with a twist. If a building of height n is built on each square with number n, then numbers on the outside will represent how many buildings they can see looking directly into the grid.

At first, this puzzle had clues on the 8 outside locations, but when I realized I could have the numbers 1-6, remove excessive clues and remove the ambiguity all in one swift movement I couldn’t resist.

Unrelated to puzzles, I made a 2-dimensional poem: The following three by three grid of words can be read left to right, top to bottom, or top to bottom, left to right to create two different but related sentences. It is called Space and Time.

The       leaves       will

fall        but             march

still       springs     again.





Puzzle 4 – Fillomino [EXTRA]

Solve the following Tuesday Fillomino puzzle, such that each of the three extra puzzles, marked by E’s, all also form valid fillomino grids.

No givens 😛 no that is not a mistake

This week is a 5 different puzzle types all with the same variation, so have fun!

Also, I’m happy with how the sample fillomino turned out, I know its just an easy 5×5, but if you have an extra second, click the link above to go to it.