Puzzle 81 – Hitori

Note: P.I.HUNT will be posted here tomorrow, at noon EST, which is 4:00 UTC.

This is a Friday hitori that has two solutions. Can you find both of them?

I could have done something to make the solution unique, but I preferred keeping the aesthetic theme in tact.




Puzzles 79 & 80 – Hitoris

Here are Wednesday and Thursday hitoris, (although this week is a bit on the easier side, I think.)

The Wednesday puzzle is another meta-autological puzzle. This means that it is something which not only describes itself but also describes the fact that it is describing itself like this sentence does. It also has a space between every pair of letters 10n and 10n+1 so it can be read easily in the grid.

(If you follow me on twitter, you have already seen the first one. Sorry :\)


Puzzle 5 – Hitori [EXTRA]

Solve the following  Hitori puzzle, so that the shaded cells rotated 45 degrees form a second valid hitori grid.

This is a (next) Wednesday puzzle, as in I was in Connecticut all week for my brother’s wedding, but now I have plenty of puzzles to come!

I don’t really like hitori puzzles, i think I’m going make a new puzzle called a “HIT-OR-mIss” puzzle (aww, I’m so clever) in which pairs of letters are in the grid, and you have to shade one(“HIT”) and unshade one (“MISS”) to fit the same requirements.