Puzzle 123 – Kenken

This is a Friday kenken/tomtom puzzle.



Puzzle 34 – Grabbag

See Monday’s post on how “this week” works

There are 4 (-ish) puzzles today, which are, in order, a killer Sudoku, a Sudoku, a ken ken (all pluses), and a Latin square.

This is a “next Thursday”, because I lost a bunch of time visiting relatives in New Hampshire coupled with going to the Mystery hunt (which if you haven’t checked out you really should).  If I miss some, I like to miss a week so that I can be back on schedule. The schedule is more for me than it is for you, so that I don’t forget to feed this blog like a kid’s dying goldfish.

Our team name for the hunt was “Test solution, please ignore” as it was the reddit team, which caused more than 1 problem, including a phone conversation to confirm an answer that went like this:


‘Hello, Test solution please ignore”

“Oh.  Sorry”      *Hangs up on us*

The design for the Sudoku was actually pretty difficult as I had to keep the white cells in each region connected for the killer. (It should spell JL) speaking of which I should probably find a better format for the killer.