Puzzle 117 – LITS [Knapp Daneben]

Yes, you did read that title right.

This is a Thursday LITS puzzle, except that you should shade exactly 3 or 5 cells in each region. Note that there are two possible trominos, and eleven possible pentominos (as P would create a 2×2 shaded region.) Also note that two I trominos may not touch, two I pentominos may not touch, but an I tromino may touch an I pentomino, and similarly for L.


Puzzle 84 – LITS [HEXAGONAL]

This is a Wednesday* LITS puzzle. Well, actually, it is a LIA puzzle. Instead of shading a tetromino, L,I,T or S, shade a tetriamond, L,I, or A, shown below. Also, instead of the rule prohibiting forming a shaded square with 4 cells, now you are not allowed to create a shaded hexagon with 6 cells.

*The puzzles in this week are arranged not really by difficulty, but by polyiamond size, ranging from diamonds to hexiamonds.



Puzzle 65 – LITS [Snake]

This is a Tuesday LITS puzzle, such that when the puzzle is completed, the shaded cells form a snake between the two given endpoints that doesn’t touch itself, not even diagonally.  Alternatively, see the example and its solution below:


Of course, this should probably just be called “LIS”


Puzzle 27 – LITS

This is a Tuesday LITS puzzle.  Word of warning: It might be a little bit harder than the average tuesday puzzle, so don’t use this one as an intro to the type.

This is weird. The puzzle is harder than usual, but has much fewer regions as possible, and half of them can be resolved obviously. It doesn’t feel like a LITS puzzle too much;  it (at least to me) requires a different mental state of logic.

Unrelatedly, has anyone seen the Google Santa Tracker? I think its pretty awesome, would have loved it when I was younger.


Puzzle 11 – LITS

This is a Thursday LITS puzzle, although not one which I can take credit for. My friend gave me this puzzle, and I thought it would fit nicely into the theme of this week.

I really like it because it gets harder and harder as you go from quadrant from quadrant.