Puzzle 138 – Loop [In/Out]

This is a Monday loop puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to be shaded or unshaded. Note that a cell with a number will never count itself, only the eight cells around it.

An interesting variation that can apply to a whole bunch of types of puzzles. It might be  harder than a normal Monday, but it’s the easiest puzzle this week, I think.



Puzzle 3-Loop[EXTRA]

Here is a monday puzzle, although I might have made it too easy. This relates to the recent government shutdown….. sigh. America…. wat r u doin? Interestingly, this actually the 17th shutdown, which almost no one knows, they are advertising it on the news stations like it is the first and no one knows what is going to happen. Anyways, this puzzle is the American flag. I wanted to have the bright red and blue colors, but in case you print it out or the colors are some other issue, I made another version to fix that on the bottom. It is the same puzzle though.


Puzzle 1 – Loop [EXTRA]

I like how little clues this type of puzzle need. I’ve been enjoying making a lot of extra grid puzzles for this week.

Anyway, the rules are to solve this puzzle as a loop puzzle, such that if you rotate the puzzle 45 degrees,all the green squares put together will still be a valid loop.

EDIT: Fixed both due to chaotic leaving a comment that it was ambiguous, and for chaotic becoming my first follower besides me (solve the puzzle to find out what that second part means!)

Unfortunately, this new version is murdered with metalogic, but putting the clues off center doesn’t allow for a unique solution.  -_-