Puzzle 95 – Norinori

This is a Thursday* norinori puzzle.

Note that it is very apt that a puzzle with this visual theme would be named norinori**. This puzzle is very satisfying to me how the left and right require totally different logic to complete.


*I feel like this week is all mixed up in terms of difficulty. I am bad at estimating difficulty and my usual testsolver is gone for right now.

**Now I feel the need to make a shakashaka like this too XD


Puzzle 82 – Norinori [HEXAGONAL]

This is a Monday norinori puzzle, but instead of shading dominos, which consist of two monominos, which is the fancy way of saying squares, you should shade diamonds, which consist of two moniamonds, which is the fancy way of saying equilateral triangles.

The puzzles in this week are arranged less by difficulty, and more by polyiamond size, ranging from diamonds to hexiamonds, although todays is aptly really easy.


Puzzle 8 – Norinori

This is a Monday norinori puzzle.

This week goes from not-too-easy on Monday to not-too-hard on Friday, so I guess is averages out.

I made the norinori the easiest of regional week because I don’t think i’ve ever made one before, also, if I made it too illegible to read, its supposed to say my name Jack reading left to right top to bottom.