Puzzle 141 – Nurikabe [In/Out]

This is a Thursday nurikabe puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to shaded or unshaded. Note that a shaded number states the size of the island it would be in if you were to unshade that cell. The question marks can represent any (positive) integer.



Puzzle 115 – Nurikabe [Fünffach Knapp Daneben]

This puzzle is a Tuesday nurikabe, except that each number is either 5 more or 5 less than what it should be. In particular for this puzzle, a 6 must either become a 1 or an 11.

Just like yesterday, I think this variation has next to no potential, but it’s just fun and silly enough to make 1 of. That pretty much holds for all the puzzles I’m going to post this week.


Puzzle 66 – Golem grad

This is a Wednesday golem grad puzzle.

Here are the rules of golem grad, from the creator, Serkan Yürekli:

” Shade some empty cells black so that the grid is divided into white areas, each containing at most one number. A white area with a number must have the same area in cells as that number. White areas may only touch diagonally. All shaded cells must be connected with each other, but no 2×2 group of cells can be entirely shaded. Also, all shaded cells must be divisible into snakes with the heads and tails given in the grid. Snakes cannot cross each other. Also, see this example:”

Golem Grad by Serkan Yürekli



Puzzle 57 – Nurikabe [META]

This is a Thursday nurikabe puzzle, with the clue removed. You must figure out what clue can be placed in which cell in the grid to make a uniquely solvable nurikabe puzzle.

Why Thursday? The two tapas count as Tuesday and Wednesday level (but mostly because the Wednesday level slitherlink I was planning on broke)

EDIT: A 38 clue doesn’t count. There must be at least one black cell in the solution.


Wow, the entirety of this week came out harder than intended.

Puzzle 41 – Nurikabe [Toroidal]

This is a Monday nurikabe puzzle, in addition the edges fold around (So R1C5 touches R10C5)

So apparently I failed at skyscrapers week. Skyscrapers always manage to trip me up one way or another, I always just skip over them if I can on an LMI test. I  am fascinated by skycraper sequences though. I found this paper by this wonderful mathematician/puzzler/blogger if you haven’t already heard of her.


Puzzle 26 – Nurikabe

This is a Monday nurikabe puzzle.

I’ve noticed on GMPuzzles a pun I really liked. The puzzle had threes around the edge, and was called “Threes frame” (freeze frame). So is this puzzle a “fours field”?

The puzzles this week are on average more difficult than usual, but I have some ones that I’m really excited to post.

Also, happy Christmas or Hanukkah or whichever combination of holidays you celebrate!