Some words and then puzzle 146 – Pentominous

The puzzle at the end of this is a normal pentominous puzzle.

Hey! I haven’t made any logic puzzles in a while, or posted anything on here. If you’re curious, here are some things I’ve been doing:

I’ve started to get a lot more into game making. Logic puzzles are interesting, and while I like them, they can get very repetitive. There’s a lot of variation in the type of puzzle, and especially with the twists and new modifications you can do on them, but for me, it doesn’t even start to compare to the amount of variation you can get in making the ruleset and levels for a game.

I made Puzzlescript games called Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Season Finale. The first four can be played in any order, and you can don’t have to play each through the whole thing before moving on to the next. You should at least have played a bit of the first four before starting the last one.

The other game I made was a Unity game called INF I made for Ludum Dare in under 48 hours. It placed 12th! This was basically the first non-Puzzlescript game I ever made and released, so I was insanely happy with this.

I’ve been programming a lot, which makes sense because it could be said to be at the center of my interests, making games, math, logic, and making things.

Also, if I’m making a list of things I’ve been doing, I guess school really has to go on that list (To be honest though, I think I’m more productive about non-school-related things at times school is happening. I don’t know whether that’s because of a more regular schedule, boredom motivating creativity, or whatever else.) My winter break recently ended and this semester started a few days ago.

Speaking of days, there’s FIFTY UNTIL PI. (Using a bit of a “creative” reading order.) I’ve lastly been working on P.I.HUNT 3 a lot, which is bigger than P.I.HUNT 2, and most likely bigger than P.I.HUNT 4 as well. There are a lot of cool ideas, so I’m excited to be able to show it to you all! 🙂






Puzzle 113 – Pentominous

This is a Friday pentominous puzzle.

You’ll never forget pentominos’ letters upon x-amining these very zealous words’ initials.


Puzzle 85 – Pentominous [HEXAGONAL]

This is a Thursday* pentominous, except, divide the grid into pentiamonds, which are groups of five connected equilateral triangles, instead of pentominoes, which are groups of five squares.

Additionally, these pieces are now considered different shapes when reflected. The letters corresponding to the shapes are below.

*The puzzles in this week are arranged not really by difficulty, but by polyiamond size, ranging from diamonds to hexiamonds.



Puzzle 62 – Pentominous [Mastermind]

Ugh.. being sick is no fun.

I have two very fun puzzles to finish the theme which I started what feels like forever ago.

The first is this Thursday mastermind pentominous puzzle. Solve this like two normal pentominous puzzles (see link for rules and example), but the numbers in the middle tell how many corresponding grid cells in that row of the two grids have the same letter . For example, if one row on one side held “XXYZZ” and the other held “WXXYZ”, the clue in the middle would say 2, for the ‘X’ in the 2nd spot, and the ‘Z’ in the 5th spot.

If you are wondering what the letters are, it initially had said “WITTY” on the right, and “PUZZL” on the left, but I had to sacrifice that for more logic of the puzzle. Other phrases which I really thought fit this puzzle were “FILL // IT UP”, “FIFTY // FIFTY”, or “TWIN // FILL”

EDIT: Corrected file to allow for paintfilling


Also, some of you might still be waiting on the answer to last theme’s metas

Here is the solution to meta 4.

Each of the words is in some common ordered sequence, and always appears in the same position in that sequence. For example, Wednesday is always the third day, and April is always the fourth month. Each of these are a different number from one to eight, and putting them in order, and then taking the nth letter of the nth item, gives the suitable answer:

  • Old testament (sections of the bible)
  • oRange (colors of the rainbow)
  • weDnesday (days of the week)
  • aprIl (months of the year)
  • boroN (elements of the periodic table)
  • subtrAction (order of operations)
  • permia(geologic periods of the earth)
  • cruel anD unusual punishment (amendments to the constitution)