Puzzle 119 – Skyscrapers

This is a Monday skyscrapers puzzle.

This is the 5th skyscrapers I’ve posted here, but it’s still the first variationless one. As I hinted last week, this week I’ll be posting my first variationless puzzles in five puzzles that I have made a lot of. I partially just want to prove to myself that I don’t have to rely on making crazy/obscure variations to make a puzzle fun.

Anyways, I can’t believe how beautiful and this symmetric this pattern of givens came out to be.


Puzzle 108 – Skyscrapers [Cipher]

This is a Friday skyscrapers puzzle, however, the numbers {1,2,3,4,5,6,7} have been replaced with the letters {K,N,I,G,H,T,S}, in some order. No two letters can represent the same number, and each letter represents the same number in everywhere that it appears.

The text, reading “THIS IS INSIGHT ISN’T IT” refers to a “vision” themed test of puzzles (which would’ve been called “InSight”) I had been once planning on making, but decided against it. The puzzles from this week were all vision themed puzzles that I had made for it.

Puzzle 36 – Skyscrapers [sum]

This is a Monday skyscrapers with a twist. Each of the clues on the outside give the sum of all the buildings that they can see.

I’m so good at making this type that I made 119 other 5×5 sum skyscapers but I thought this one had the most aesthetic quality. (permute the columns.  teehee :D)

This should be a fun week, (although I guess I say that every week), an you can probably already guess the theme.



Puzzle 15 – Skyscrapers [NONCONSECUTIVE]

This is the last day of outside givens, and be warned this one is VERY TOUGH! Definitely should not be the first skyscrapers, and probably shouldn’t be the first on my blog you do unless you want a real challenge!

Warnings aside, this is a Friday skyscapers puzzle with a twist, no two buildings of consecutive heights may be placed in adjacent boxes. (so for example, no 3 may be placed in a square touching a side with a square with a 4 in it)

You also have probably noticed, Friday does not necessarily mean that i post it on Friday, it just mean 5th of the week, so you get an idea of the difficulty.


Puzzle 13 – Skyscrapers [cipher]

As I recently told you, I was at my brother’s wedding. This puzzle is for him (Daniel) and his new wife (Ann). Good luck!

This is a Wednesday skyscrapers puzzle, but in order to solve it, you must first replace every letter from the set {D,E,N,I,A,L} with a DIFFERENT integer from 1 to 6, (so for example, D might be replaced by a 1 every time a D appears and no other letter could be replaced by a 1.