Puzzle 128 – Star Battle [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Thursday star battle, but instead of two stars, each region, row, and column must have either one or three stars.

This type is really finicky. I was surprised with how well the masyu and double back worked, and I think they definitely have potential to be revisited, but knapp daneben with star battle really doesn’t have much potential at all (well, excluding the potential to be an April Fools puzzle, where you must put one more or less than one star in each row, column or region.)




Puzzle 10 – Star battle

This is a Wednesday star battle puzzle.

I saw the phrase “Natalie Portmanteau” around the internet and can’t get over it. 😀 So funny to me for some reason.


Have fun with this puzzle, unless you don’t find a break in, in that case have a torturous time………..