Puzzle 111 – Sudoku

Here is a Wednesday sudoku puzzle.

This puzzle is nearly perfectly symmetrical in layout, and the digits are again consecutive digits of pi (starting from the beginning of course, otherwise you could say every sudoku’s givens are consecutive digits of pi!)


Puzzle 63 – Sudoku/Fillomino [Mastermind]

This is a Friday puzzle. On the left, there is an irregular sudoku with numbers 1 through 8. On the right, there is a fillomino puzzle. Note that the two solid bars in the fillomino represent borders of some polyomino, in other words, they may not have the same number on both sides. The numbers in the middle represent how many places in that row would contain the same number if the two puzzles were overlayed. For example,  if the sudoku contained “12345678”, and the fillomino contained “12288771” the number in the middle would be a 3, 1 for the ‘1’ in column 1, one for the ‘2’ in column 2 and one for the ‘7’ in column 7.



Now for the solution last meta of last week’s theme. One person noticed that “Metaphor” has the sound of the number 4 at the end, “Tutorial” has the sound of the number 2, and “Don juan” has the sound of the number 1. They were looking to find a 3 in the word “Atypical” and got stuck there.

The trick is that the numbers in question were not 1,2,3,4 but instead 1,2,4,8 which checks out as the sound of 8 appears at the start of “Atypical” which gives us the ordering. Also, each word has exactly 8 characters, so it is natural to index these numbers into the words, giving:

  • Don Juan
  • tUtorial
  • metAphor
  • atypicaL

DUAL which is thematic for the powers of two.



Puzzles 53 and 54 – Dissection and Sudoku [EXACTLY ONE]


Well hello there internet.

Because of camp, I haven’t made puzzles in what feels like forever.

Before I start the next theme, here are two puzzles:

The first is my birthday puzzle. I am turning 17 today, so dissect the following 2 shapes (The ‘1’ and the ‘7’) below into 5 pieces that can be rearranged into a square. And, yes, you did count that total area right.


The second puzzle finishes off the previous week. It is a Friday exactly one sudoku, so only one cell can be determined with certainty. Find the cell and which number goes in it. WARNING: This puzzle is EXTRA-FRIDAY rated. That’s what happens when I have so long to make it, so it should keep you entertained for a while.

The next theme should resume on Sunday or Monday.



Puzzle 50 – Sudoku [Exactly one]

In this Monday Sudoku, instead of being able to solve the whole puzzle, it is only possible to logically locate one digit.

So… Apparently I am very bad at making big mile marker marathon puzzles, well then.

Also, USPC and IPC 2014 coming up soon, so that should be fun.

I think this puzzle really puts the “b” in “subtlety”.




Puzzle 34 – Grabbag

See Monday’s post on how “this week” works

There are 4 (-ish) puzzles today, which are, in order, a killer Sudoku, a Sudoku, a ken ken (all pluses), and a Latin square.

This is a “next Thursday”, because I lost a bunch of time visiting relatives in New Hampshire coupled with going to the Mystery hunt (which if you haven’t checked out you really should).  If I miss some, I like to miss a week so that I can be back on schedule. The schedule is more for me than it is for you, so that I don’t forget to feed this blog like a kid’s dying goldfish.

Our team name for the hunt was “Test solution, please ignore” as it was the reddit team, which caused more than 1 problem, including a phone conversation to confirm an answer that went like this:


‘Hello, Test solution please ignore”

“Oh.  Sorry”      *Hangs up on us*

The design for the Sudoku was actually pretty difficult as I had to keep the white cells in each region connected for the killer. (It should spell JL) speaking of which I should probably find a better format for the killer.