Puzzle 91 – Masyu [EXTRA GRID]

This is a Friday 11×11 masyu, and the yellow squares create a 5×5 yin yang puzzle.

It just hit me how close 91 is to 100, I need to start planning some sort of puzzle for 100…



Puzzle 44 – Yin yang

This is a Monday Yin Yang puzzle.

You can still submit to P.I.HUNT 0 if you want, that will probably be open until next year. E-mail me if you need a push in the right direction. Also, you get the second puzzle by submitting the answer to the first one (some people didn’t understand that)


Puzzle 7 – Yin Yang [EXTRA]

WARNING: DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND! (as in there are two diamonds as the theme in the grid, and that this puzzle is very hard)

This is a Friday Yin Yang puzzle, with the extra constraint that if you rotate the grid 45 degrees, the colored cells will form an extra valid 3×4 Yin Yang grid and a valid 4×3 grid too.

This wraps up my extra grid obsession on a very fun note. Next week I will start with “regional” puzzles.

Have fun 🙂