Puzzle 91 – Masyu [EXTRA GRID]

This is a Friday 11×11 masyu, and the yellow squares create a 5×5 yin yang puzzle.

It just hit me how close 91 is to 100, I need to start planning some sort of puzzle for 100…



Puzzles 53 and 54 – Dissection and Sudoku [EXACTLY ONE]


Well hello there internet.

Because of camp, I haven’t made puzzles in what feels like forever.

Before I start the next theme, here are two puzzles:

The first is my birthday puzzle. I am turning 17 today, so dissect the following 2 shapes (The ‘1’ and the ‘7’) below into 5 pieces that can be rearranged into a square. And, yes, you did count that total area right.


The second puzzle finishes off the previous week. It is a Friday exactly one sudoku, so only one cell can be determined with certainty. Find the cell and which number goes in it. WARNING: This puzzle is EXTRA-FRIDAY rated. That’s what happens when I have so long to make it, so it should keep you entertained for a while.

The next theme should resume on Sunday or Monday.



Puzzle 52 – Akari [exactly one]

This is an Wednesday Akari puzzle, except that it is only possible to logically locate one lightbulb in the grid.

I think its fun to see the limits of these exactly one puzzles, and even though Monday’s puzzle was simple, it has become one of the favorite puzzles I made.

Hopefully 150 is good enough to make top 25 on USPC, I think I did pretty well except breaking the geometric distribution like 10 times and a darn mistype on the digital clutter.



Puzzle 50 – Sudoku [Exactly one]

In this Monday Sudoku, instead of being able to solve the whole puzzle, it is only possible to logically locate one digit.

So… Apparently I am very bad at making big mile marker marathon puzzles, well then.

Also, USPC and IPC 2014 coming up soon, so that should be fun.

I think this puzzle really puts the “b” in “subtlety”.




Puzzle 20 – Slitherlink [LIAR] [ONLY ONE]

This is a slitherlink puzzle with a twist. In every row, and every column, exactly one clue will be lying, (will say an incorrect number), in addition, you will only be able to determine one of these lying cells with certainty using only purely logical cells and no guessing. Determine which cell it is.

This is a Friday puzzle, although I might be overestimating its difficulty. If I am, its okay, because I have two really hard Fridays in the past three weeks.

Happy No-more-movember-month!