Puzzle 6 – Tapa [EXTRA]

This is a Thursday tapa puzzle. The 5×5 grid of colored cells put together after you finish solving should form an extra valid tapa wall.

So, i have determined that I will post 5 days a week in weekly themes, every other week. That seems like a format that will work for me, and is fairly unique.

I am proud of how this came out, it works out really nicely, in my opinion.



Puzzle 5 – Hitori [EXTRA]

Solve the following  Hitori puzzle, so that the shaded cells rotated 45 degrees form a second valid hitori grid.

This is a (next) Wednesday puzzle, as in I was in Connecticut all week for my brother’s wedding, but now I have plenty of puzzles to come!

I don’t really like hitori puzzles, i think I’m going make a new puzzle called a “HIT-OR-mIss” puzzle (aww, I’m so clever) in which pairs of letters are in the grid, and you have to shade one(“HIT”) and unshade one (“MISS”) to fit the same requirements.


Puzzle 4 – Fillomino [EXTRA]

Solve the following Tuesday Fillomino puzzle, such that each of the three extra puzzles, marked by E’s, all also form valid fillomino grids.

No givens 😛 no that is not a mistake

This week is a 5 different puzzle types all with the same variation, so have fun!

Also, I’m happy with how the sample fillomino turned out, I know its just an easy 5×5, but if you have an extra second, click the link above to go to it.


Puzzle 3-Loop[EXTRA]

Here is a monday puzzle, although I might have made it too easy. This relates to the recent government shutdown….. sigh. America…. wat r u doin? Interestingly, this actually the 17th shutdown, which almost no one knows, they are advertising it on the news stations like it is the first and no one knows what is going to happen. Anyways, this puzzle is the American flag. I wanted to have the bright red and blue colors, but in case you print it out or the colors are some other issue, I made another version to fix that on the bottom. It is the same puzzle though.


Puzzle 2 – Battleship [EXTRA]

Here’s a really fun Friday tricky puzzle, to finish off the first week of puzzles. This one is a battleship puzzle, with 1 4-size, 2 3-size, 3 2-size, and 4 1-size ships, with a 5×5 subgrid in which you should put 1 3-size ship, 2 2-size ships and 3 1-size ships. If you haven’t been doing the extra grid puzzles, you might want to start with #1, #2, or #4 which is an easy Monday puzzle i have planned.

Until then, here are two last thoughts I realized to think about over the weekend:

“Unfinished” and “Never ending” seem to bee synonyms, but one means goes on too long, and the other means stops too short.

“Fast food” is an oxymoron. Think about it until it makes sense.


Puzzle 1 – Loop [EXTRA]

I like how little clues this type of puzzle need. I’ve been enjoying making a lot of extra grid puzzles for this week.

Anyway, the rules are to solve this puzzle as a loop puzzle, such that if you rotate the puzzle 45 degrees,all the green squares put together will still be a valid loop.

EDIT: Fixed both due to chaotic leaving a comment that it was ambiguous, and for chaotic becoming my first follower besides me (solve the puzzle to find out what that second part means!)

Unfortunately, this new version is murdered with metalogic, but putting the clues off center doesn’t allow for a unique solution.  -_-