Puzzle 129 – Crossword [Knapp Daneben]

Fill in the following crossword, such that each box has a letter filled in it by its across clue which is either directly after or before the letter filled in it by its down clue in the alphabet. Note that A is considered to “wrap around” to Z. I’ve given the grid twice, for convenience.

Now I know that I already said that I wanted to push the boundaries of Knapp Daneben, but I really doubt anyone expected a crossword as even a possibility to appear in this theme! I’m not generally a great crossword constructor, but I’d think it would be interesting to see other crosswords with the Extra Grid or Toroidal variations, for example. (Maybe even Exactly One Letter somehow?!)



1.) One who does jack

6.) Church songs

7.) Chose

8.) Without fallacy

9.) Babble on


1.) “_____ be square” (2 wds.)

2.) The parts of DNA which get converted into proteins

3.) Someone clumsy

4.) Extinct birds

5.) Mount for a lancer


Puzzle 128 – Star Battle [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Thursday star battle, but instead of two stars, each region, row, and column must have either one or three stars.

This type is really finicky. I was surprised with how well the masyu and double back worked, and I think they definitely have potential to be revisited, but knapp daneben with star battle really doesn’t have much potential at all (well, excluding the potential to be an April Fools puzzle, where you must put one more or less than one star in each row, column or region.)



Puzzle 126 – Masyu [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Tuesday masyu, except that, for every clue, instead of acting normally, it is possible to make it valid by changing the length of both segments to it by one. More formally:

You must turn through black circles and in both directions you must go either one or three units.

You must go straight through white circles and in some direction you must go two units.

Puzzle 125 – Nonogram [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Monday nonogram puzzle, except that every number used in it has either been increased or decreased by 1.

If you never got around to P.I.HUNT 2, I had a lot of people that said that Concept Art and Artificial Intelligence were really enjoyable, and the puzzles will be always still be available to solve and check answers, so you can give those a try.

This week I’ve got a got a bunch of Knapp-Daneben puzzles. After Puzzle 117, I wanted to see what else I could apply this variation to.

Puzzle 117 – LITS [Knapp Daneben]

Yes, you did read that title right.

This is a Thursday LITS puzzle, except that you should shade exactly 3 or 5 cells in each region. Note that there are two possible trominos, and eleven possible pentominos (as P would create a 2×2 shaded region.) Also note that two I trominos may not touch, two I pentominos may not touch, but an I tromino may touch an I pentomino, and similarly for L.

Puzzle 115 – Nurikabe [Fünffach Knapp Daneben]

This puzzle is a Tuesday nurikabe, except that each number is either 5 more or 5 less than what it should be. In particular for this puzzle, a 6 must either become a 1 or an 11.

Just like yesterday, I think this variation has next to no potential, but it’s just fun and silly enough to make 1 of. That pretty much holds for all the puzzles I’m going to post this week.


Puzzle 17 – Tapa [KNAPP DANEBEN]

This is a Tuesday tapa puzzle, with a twist. EVERY number in each clue is wrong, and should actually be one more or less than written.

This is an actual Knapp Daneben, after yesterdays psuedo-knapp daneben. Hope that makes up for that.

I think this is the first puzzle I’ve made in a while with 8-way symmetry. (D4 group symmetry if you know what that means)

EDIT: Just a note that a 1 in a multi-digit cell can not become a 0.


Puzzle 16 – Tapa [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Monday tapa puzzle, with a twist. EXACTLY ONE number in each clue is wrong, and should actually be one more or less than written.

So apparantly I didn’t know that Knapp-Danaden plus or minus rule should apply to all numbers in a cell when I made this so take note of that! Otherwise this will be impossible (probably, I didn’t actually test it :))